English Verbs Finder App / Software (Free)

If you enter a base verb to this App, You can see the…..
Simple Past Verb, (Eg: go -> Went , Play -> played)
Past Participle Verb, (Eg: go -> gone , Play -> played)
s/es/ies Verb (Eg: go -> goes , Play -> plays)
“ing” Verb. (Eg: go -> going , Play -> playing)

This App contains more than 1000 important English Regular/Irregular Verbs.

There are two versions.  1.Windows PC version (This is a Portable Version – Not need to install)   2. Android Version (Get it on Google Play)

Windows PC Version: Download

Android Version:Install

# Some Virus Guard detect Exe file as a Virus. This is a Safe File. This file has been checked via Famous Virus Guards. (https://www.virustotal.com/gui/home/upload)


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