Lucky Time Me (Free)

This app can be used to check your Lucky times for various activities. Eg: Buying a lottery ticket. There are two versions.  1.Windows PC version (This is a Portable Version

Mind Mirror (Free)

This Mind Mirror App can read your Mind. Mind Mirror App is a Small Game.First you think a Number without Zero. Then Click on START button.App says to multiply &

Maths Box (Free)

This Mathematics Tool for Students.This is a Sinhala & English Mathematics App.You can find the Area & Volume of Cone, Cylinder & Sphere.And you can find the Area & Circumference

Phone Book (1$)

You can store your Friends/Staff Phone numbers.First you add the Phone numbers with names to this software.When you enter a names , You can see their Phone numbers.When you enter

Lucky Moment (Free)

When you enter your birthday, You can see your Lucky Number, Lucky Letters & Lucky day.  This is a Portable Version – Not need to install  Windows PC Version:  Download 

Calender Creater (0.5$)

If you want to see an Old Calender or Future Calender, You can use this Software.You can get year 0001 to 9999 Calenders quickly. Support for All Windows Computers (Windows